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The Company’s staff of Gomeh was trained at factories in Europe, and has extensive knowledge and experience in the field of UPS service and maintenance The service efficiency tems not only from staff professionalism, but also their high level of reliability, and the uniqueness of the products marketed by the Company. These products are meticulously examined before being entered into the market and sent to the customer and installed at the site of the end user.

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Gomeh , established in 1995, has acquired extensive experience in the field of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems. Gomeh has a unique reputation in its field and is known for reliability and for fast, quality reaction. Gomeh provides complete and reliable technical solutions, with rapid response times for on-site service, attractive prices and everything necessary for high-quality command and control systems.
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The company’s array of customers, from a wide variety of sectors, is an expression of its resilience and its ability to meet its primary goals.

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